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This section contains the latest information about Evert’s research, events and teaching seminars with other orthopaedic surgeons.

Test tubes and lab equipment

Evert’s outstanding work as an orthopaedic surgeon is inter-related with an extensive research programme. He has six on-going projects, some in collaboration with overseas institutions and this is supported by regular publications in medical journals and books.

As a frequent international conference speaker his research is carried forward to the international stage where knowledge is shared, issues are debated and practical workshops and demonstrations are given.

FDA Grant Award

MoM Explant proposal
Tribology proposal

There is concern amongst the orthopaedic fraternity, as documented in the National Joint Registries and orthopaedic literature, about patient response to metal debris and higher than expected failure rates of metal on metal (MoM) hip replacements and resurfacing hip arthroplasties.

As a result of this adverse activity, the United States Government Food and Drug Association (FDA) acknowledged that research in this field was necessary and offered the opportunity for interested institutions to tender for a significant Federal research grant.

A collaboration of internationally renowned surgeons, led by Professor Ian Clarke of the Donaldson Arthritis Research Foundation (DARF) in the USA, submitted a proposal for an implant retrieval and a tribology study.

Against stiff competition, both submissions won the FDA tender. A contract for the analysis and validation of wear and corrosion performance of metal on metal hip explants was the reward.

The researchers are Thomas Donaldson, Michelle Burgitt, Don Lucia, William Long, Edward McPherson, Christopher Peters, Jean Yves Lazennec, Andrea Stark, Allen Turnbull, Alun John, Duncan Whitwell and myself.

My involvement in this proposal comes as a result of my reputation and expertise as a complex primary and revision hip surgeon. Other factors are my role as a Contributor and Member of the Advisory Group for DARF, as Bearing Surface Evaluator and Regional Clinical Co-ordinator for the National Joint Registry (NJR) as well as my work for the UK Government’s Orthopaedic Data Evaluation Panel (ODEP), where I evaluate the national performance of hip prostheses.

Clinical experience measuring the wear of bearing surfaces has provided an understanding of the function of high-density polyethylene liners in total hip replacements. There is also a sound scientific understanding of the wear performances of ceramic on ceramic bearing surfaces. Wear rates of MoM bearing surfaces have been simulated in the laboratories, but there have been few comparable studies for MoM wear rates in patients with resurfacing hip arthroplasties or large head MoM total hip replacements.

The results of our proposal will allow this international team to develop a systematic attempt to collate the retrieval specimens and assess the wear rates of the various designs of resurfacing hip arthroplasties and total hip arthroplasties which have MoM bearing surfaces.


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Evert Smith is an Orthopaedic Surgeon in whom I have absolute faith and confidence.

Bob Gibbons, 2007.

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