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These testimonials and photographs have been published with the kind permission of hip surgery patients who have been treated by Evert Smith.

Happy grandfather with his grandson on his shoulders

  1. I received exceptional care from Evert Smith before during and after my full hip replacement operation, as a result I was mobile within a few days, increasing my walking each day. I felt extremely well and made an excellent recovery.

    Evert provided careful explanations before the operation, was totally reassuring and I had full confidence in him.

    Before this, I was walking with a limp and in pain. Walking, gardening and even swimming were no longer enjoyable activities. I now enjoy all three activities and I am delighted with the result of the operation.

    Travelling to Burma, one year later, I climbed hundreds of steps and travelled in every form of transport, including small boats and trucks with no ill effects!

    Sue Darwall Smith
    Sue Darwall Smith
    March 2013
    Procedure: Full hip replacement
  2. Mid 2010, I was diagnosed with arthritis with expectation that, within two or three years, I would have to embrace a wheel chair. We started to plan to downsize. Then along came Evert Smith with immediate contrary symptom, followed by two operations within nine weeks, to January 2011.

    Now I attend the gym three times a week, manage my large garden and lead a better than normal life for a 70 year old.Very importantly, I am now a grandfather and able to chase that precious gift across the floor. Its a miracle cure that nearly passed me by.

    Mr Evert Smith , with his team, provided everything that a patient can dream of and I will continue to recommend him to everyone who will listen, without reservation. Thank you Sir.

    Gordon Hirst
    Gordon Hirst
    Failand, North Somerset, 2013
    Procedure: Dual total hip arthroplasty
  3. I cannot recommend Evert Smith too highly. He made the experience of total hip replacement almost enjoyable and my return to full mobility has been much speedier than I could ever have imagined. I am a very active person who enjoys gardening and walking and prior to my operation my tolerance for both was limited. However, I can now look forward to Spring with a definite 'spring' in my step! Thank you for your excellent care.

    Marjorie Condie
    Marjorie Condie
    Stroud, Gloucestershire, 2010
    Procedure: Total Hip Replacement with
    E-polyethylene liner
  4. Evert Smith is an Orthopaedic Surgeon in whom I have absolute faith and confidence. I am aware that the left hip revision which he performed some six years ago was very complex; yet the results were, and thankfully still are, extremely successful. I would warmly commend him to anyone.

    Bob Gibbons
    Bob Gibbons
    Wells, Somerset, 2007
    Procedure: Hip revision surgery
  5. My life as a kennel owner, dog breeder and judge is very active, to say the least and, thanks to your skill, I was able to resume my normal working life within a very short period of time.

    Megan Purnell
    Megan Purnell
    Pensford, Bristol, 2007
    Procedure: Revision hip surgery
  6. I was severely crippled with arthritis of the hips, which is inherited from my mother. Being an orthopaedic surgeon and needing to undergo operative treatment is always a testing experience. I had the confidence to entrust my care to my former trainee, Mr Evert Smith, who is now a senior and experienced hip surgeon.

    3 years after an extremely successful hybrid hip replacement I remain fully active and, as I have just retired from active surgery, I am able to enjoy my hobbies of boating in Spain and tending to my 1000 tree cider apple orchard.

    Mr Christopher Ackroyd
    Christopher Ackroyd
    Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon
    Procedure: Hybrid hip replacement
  7. My hip is awesome!

    Karen Smith
    Karen Smith
    Frenchay, Bristol, 2007
    Procedure: Bilateral hip replacements
  8. Before surgery my life was severely affected, I could not perform simple tasks such as putting on my own shoes or getting out of bed unaided. My General mobility was poor and I had developed a stoop. I was also in constant pain.

    I reluctantly agreed to have my first hip operation (I am a nervous patient). The quality of care that I received from Mr Smith and his team was exceptional and I really cannot speak highly enough of them.

    The first operation was a success… The second went equally as well as the first. I no longer suffer with pain or restricted mobility and going out for a walk is now a simple pleasure that I am able to enjoy. The surgery has been 100% successful and this has had a huge impact on the quality of my life.

    Mrs Nancy Harris
    Nancy Harris
    Hallen, Bristol, 2007
    Procedure: Bilateral hip replacements
  9. Evert Smith, through your skills you have given Andrew a happy pain-free wife. You have enabled me to walk my dog, play with my grandchildren and enjoy life to the maximum. Thank you so much.

    Julia Warren
    Julia Warren
    Brent Knoll, Somerset, 2007
    Procedure: Left total hip replacement
  10. It may sound like a cliché but my hip replacement operation really has been life changing. No, I haven’t had a face lift — I’m no longer in constant pain. I no longer rely on family and friends to walk at my slow pace — I walk to theirs.

    From day one after the operation I feel as though I have my life back. I can stand to my full height (5’ 3”) and almost look people in the eye.

    I will have no qualms when the time comes to have my second new hip.

    Dare I say Hip-Hip Hooray (sorry).

    Flora Platt
    Flora Platt
    Wotton-under-Edge, Gloucestershire, 2007
    Procedure: Left cementless total hip replacement
  11. Having had Evert perform both of the following operations — Exceed Acetabular Cup and revision hip replacement surgery in the last 3 years, I have no hesitation whatsoever in recommending Evert as the most trustworthy and extremely experienced surgeon.

    I am over 70 and he has given me back mobility which I thought I’d lost forever, as well as taken away much of the pain. In other words, I’ve been given a “new life”.

    Patricia Chubb
    Patricia Chubb
    Sea Mills, Bristol, 2007
    Procedure: Right hip replacement and left revision.
  12. My full hip replacement surgery, performed by Evert Smith in 2004, not only relieved considerable and protracted pain, transforming my mobility, but had other benefits which I could not have anticipated and which have proved equally significant. Quite simply I feel and look ten years younger — it is better than a face lift! There is a new, pain free confidence to keep fitter, travel and enjoy life.

    The lady behind me on the photograph (who is a retired nurse) said, “it was the best advertisement she had seen for a successful replacement procedure”.

    Jean Haden
    Jean Haden
    Wraxhall, Bristol, 2007
    Procedure: Left total hip replacement.
  13. 4 years ago I underwent Hip Replacement surgery at St Mary's Hospital. This being a result of many years of football ,squash and running (20 to 30 miles a week)The operation was carried out by Mr.Evert Smith. I would highly recommend Mr. Evert Smith to anyone having to undertake this surgery. I have had no problems at all with my new Hip Joint and still work out, play golf and spend many hours Carp fishing. I am happy to be participating in his research programme.

    Ian Francis
    Ian Francis
    Bridgeyate, Bristol, 2006
    Procedure: Total Hip Replacement


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